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Surfer Joe's Diner :: Livorno

Welcome to the Surfer Joe's Diner, the very unique restaurant and concert venue dedicated to Surf Music and its culture.

Taking inspiration from the classic American 50s tradition, keeping an eye on the Californian 60s atmosphere and imaginary, the Surfer Joe's moves forward integrating modern features and international cuisine.

It is a FUN place for the whole family, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a meeting point to spend time with friends day and night.

Surf Music is what Surfer Joe does, this is our name in the music business worldwide, and the Diner reflects our spirit and taste.

Join us and try our offer today: we are sure you will not regret it!

Our place is open all day, break, lunch and dinner. What you see in the menu is available for you anytime.. Do you want a burger at 10am or a pancake at 11pm? It's just YOUR choice.

is our most important ingredient

Delivered daily, prepared with our own recipe and lots of sesame seeds

Only local suppliers, everything is hand chosen and cut for the best taste

It is not easy to prepare the most tasty burger, with the right consistency and made ALL of selected beef. We have the best and we do it ourselves!

Come and check us out. We don't use secret ingredients and out meet is cooked with just salt and pepper.
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Full bar service
Not only the Surfer Joe's is a place for the whole family, but we also work as a night bar offering the greatest selection of beers and liquors.

Alc. 5.0% vol
DrinkDifferent by Carlsberg

It is a new system to drink draft beer. We do not add CO2 to the beer and you drink it as it was produced. The effect? Less gas, better quality, more natural and an original taste like you have never tried before! This IS the future... we are one of the few bars offering it to you now.

Food with "strange names"?
At the Surfer Joe's we have fun in finding cool names for our dishes, so we mix images and words all the time! Sometimes we invent pictures and funny figures, sometimes we use the 60s surfers' slang or songs titles.

We are based on American cuisine, but we have stuff from Italy, Mexico & more. All we know is that what we do, we do it right! We receive a lot of positive comments from customers of other countries as we ask them to try our dishes and give us their tricks...

Food yes, but not fast...
We are a restaurant, not a fast-food. We take our time to cook a meal although our rhythms are high. So tell us how do you want your meat cooked, feel free to ask the waitress questions about our food and remember that everything is done fresh for you.

This is not fake!
Most of the posters exhibited on our walls come from concerts and events that we have organized or that are somehow part of our history. This is OUR Disneyland and we are very happy to share this with you.

Other available beers served with Carlsberg system





Lager low brewing
Alc. 5.5% vol
Strong lager
Alc. 7.2% vol
Alc. 6.0% vol
Double brewing
Alc. 6.5% vol


Events :: concerts, jam sessions, exhibitions

Check out the events calendar to know what is going on at the Surfer Joe Diner and Ungawa! Tiki Room...


Perform at Surfer Joe's
At the events site you can find all the booking contacts. We do not accept Facebook requests, only via email.

General booking: booking@surferjoe.it
History :: why & how

The Surfer Joe's Diner was born from an idea of Lorenzo and Luca Valdambrini, heads of the Association Surfer Joe Music and organizers or surf music events, especially the Surfer Joe Summer Festival which is existing since 2003 and it is currently considered the greatest surf music outdoor festival in the world.

This idea goes a few years back and originally had the purpose to create a headquarter for the Association, also with the aim of increasing the artists booking work and gaining more popularity in this business. But the possibility of doing something more and the love for the American 50s-60s culture got them soon into the Diner project that has become a reality on March 3, 2012. Francesco Tonarini has taken his part as restaurant manager contributing to create an interesting menu and a good variety of food proposals which are the heart of our daily activity.

The Diner showcases many posters and collectibles coming from years of experience with surf music and there are two stages (indoor and outdoor) that weekly hosts live bands until late night all year round. It is a very familiar and informal atmosphere, suitable for any kind of public and ages, and free entry.

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Luca Valdambrini - luca@surferjoe.it
accounting, logistics

Lorenzo Valdambrini - lorenzo@surferjoe.it
entertainment, technical

Francesco Tonarini - francesco@surferjoe.it
restaurant, catering

Booking - booking@surferjoe.it
artistic direction

Matteo Caldari - matteo@surferjoe.it

Restaurant - restaurant@surferjoe.it
dining room, reservations

General - info@surferjoe.it
generic inquiries

Feedback - feedback@surferjoe.it
comments, suggestions

Franchising - franchising@surferjoe.it
commercial requests

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